The semicircle found in its dual circle, another equal to itself, however, because unlike the opposite. The circle, however, takes the form of distances from perfect, absolutely without end or beginning. Its circular motion and unchanging is undermined by the fact that the world around us makes us witnesses of his incessabile fragmentation and rupture.
The circle becomes the object of research in recent site-specific elements of which wind through the countryside, relating with the soft shapes to the surrounding landscape, in expectation that the public feels  through his body and senses. Fundamental relationships that are built with the viewer, which means the work and makes it live. The perfection of the circle and the opaque material are compared with the natural form, and always changing.  Site-specific invites us to reconsider the space, to fragment the points of view to reveal an uneven place and always different from itself. People who come into the dialectic itself forward in these areas by circular rhythmic iterations, jump over the blurred boundaries milky, the jump and will operate an entirely individual path.